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Bryony - Surrendered

Growing up in a Christian home, I learned about God at an early age. However, God was nothing more to me than a distant, all-powerful Being until I was thirteen. It was then that the Lord moved in my heart and I surrendered myself to Him. In the earlier years of my relationship with God, He taught me about His love, mercy, and grace. In high school, I dealt with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Despite being at my lowest, I learned about the depth of His care. As He brought me through that season, I started to learn to surrender me burdens to Him.

Surrender has always been a struggle of mine. Through me childhood, I was extremely stubborn and controlling. In high school, I completely planned out my future. I decided that UAB (University of Alabama Birmingham) was the logical option for college. However, God led me to Auburn instead, providing for my needs in order for me to attend.

I was introduced to Chi Alpha at the end of my first semester. My passion for Christ grew as I became involved, surrounded by people who love God and each other. But even after everything He led me through, I struggled to surrender control to Him. Sophomore year I learned how much I needed to rely on God (short answer: completely). In September, He revealed to me that I was about to endure trials before coming into a new season. A week later, I found a tumor in my chest. The next five months were the most challenging months of my life. Due to multiple issues, I was not able to get tested until the end of December. During this period, my health steadily declined as the tumor doubled in size and my schedule became increasingly busy. I tried and failed to carry my burdens. Thankfully, the Lord gave me an amazing support system as He carried me through my trials. He showed me that I shouldn't try to carry my burdens alone. In January, it was confirmed that my tumor was not cancerous. I was thankful to come to the end of that trial. However, it was during the trial that I learned more about who Jesus was to me, as well as who He was shaping me to be. It was in my darkest moments where I grew closer to Him, learning to surrender every day to Him.

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