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As followers of Jesus, we should be life-long learners: always reading, always growing, always seeking to know Christ better. We should strive to have a mind in love with God. May our minds be infatuated with His love and enamored by His presence. 

"The most important thing about a man is what he thinks about God." - A.W. Tozer


Listen to practical podcasts from our staff that communicate fundamental spiritual truths about Jesus!

Every Christian needs to build a good library.
Choose books that will teach, encourage
and equip you to do the task you feel God is calling you to!


"In order to know God, we must often think of Him; and when we come to love Him, we shall then also think of Him often, for our heart will be with our treasure."
- Brother Lawrence

We are part of a world-wide movement of college students passionate about sharing Jesus! Click to find out more about Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

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